Considering the Validity of Evidence

In my last post I looked at an evidence-based framework that included evidence evaluation.  Denise Rousseau from Carnegie Mellon has extended the ability to evaluate evidence with a new model (Full paper here) that include these evaluation categories: Construct Validity, Internal Validity, Effect Size, Generalizability, Intervention Compliance, and Contextualization.  These catagories correspond closely to the six catagories of validity proposed by Messick (previously discussed here).

Rousseau Catagories Messick Catagories
Construct Validity Structural
Internal Validity External (Not a perfect match but logically similar)
Effect Size External
Generalizability Generalizability
Intervention Compliance Substantive
Contextualization Content

This is not an exact match category by category, but the way in which evaluation evidence is categorizing is very similar in approach and in purpose.  What Rousseau leaves out is consequencial validity and she does not address content and substantive validity in full.