A Learning Infrastructure: Where to Begin

My post on 6-18 needed elaboration.  I elaborated on strategic aspects on 6- 30 and today I will elaborated on my 6-18 point #3 – the need for an organizational learning infrastructure.  By infrastructure I mean the technical structures that support enterprise functions.  In often refers to physical assets such as computer networks or electric grids.  These are important, but in learning, I’m primarily referring to intangible assets such as management concepts, learning constructs and knowledge networks or more specifically the following:

A knowledge network supporting the integration of evidence-based research knowledge into daily practice.

Management support for change, appropriate to a knowledge intensive environment (Appreciative Inquiry or other forms of leadership that reject a hierarchical top down approach are frequently called for)

A collaborative culture organized for agility (Agile Management), resisting departmentalization and supported by an integration of social media and other collaborative forms into daily work processes.

These are intense and complex ideas that I plan to delve into in more detail this month.  More to follow. . .