Writing Styles for Research and the Web

As anyone could see from previous posts, a style make-over would be helpful for me.  The idea was highlighted for me by a comment by Michael Hanley* about writing differently for blogs and for academics.  There are two goals in mind.  Write in a way that does not comprise academic / scholarly / research concepts, but leaves academic styles behind recognizing the nature of web readers need to scan information quickly.  Its like the idea that google is dumbing us down.  I believe that part of the answer is in nature of community (of practice?) and network formation.  How to communication complex ideas that leverage distributed cognition / networks.  Maybe it could be wiki-based so that people entering the network can get up to speed on and join the conversations that interest them.  The idea is also that, as a society, we need blog readers to up grade the complexity of the information that they can handle, while continuing to manage the amount of information coming at them from all sides.  More to follow.